We inform mountaineers and all users of the national network of hiking trails that  Coastal – mountain transversal PPT Orjen – Lovcen-Rumija ‘s trails are viable (walkabkle) with increased caution when moving across massive Orjen and Lovcen  (Boka hinterland). Trails in the central part of Montenegro are viable for the most part, but there’s still snow. Particular attention must be paid to the use of the trails in the massifs of  Maglic, Durmitor,  Prokletije and  Komovi because there is still a danger of avalanches and lingering snow drifts, damage of signs and markings that are not visible. We recommend using information and assistance from local clubs which are host on Transversal CT 1, Via Dinarica and Peaks of Balkans as to not further recommends the use of trails without checking the condition and mobility ..

On the following link you can find a Warning for Durmitor- download

Commission for  markings, footpaths and guide service of MAM
Paul Bandović, Chief

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