The election assembly of the MAM was held on November 29th, in Podgorica
The main point of the assembly was the election of the president of the MAM, since the four-term mandate of the last president Luka Mitrovic, expired.
From a total of 42 clubs, members of the MAM, 34 clubs with 35 delegates with voting rights attended the assembly.
After the election of the working bodies: Working Presidency, Verification and Electoral Commission, Minutes writer and verifiers of minutes, the election of the new president was discussed.
At the suggestion of the Mountaineering club "Bjelasica" - Kolasin, the Management Board nominated MSc Darko Brajuskovic for the president, a longtime member of the MC "Bjelasica" and the former member of the Board of MAM.
Luka Mitrovic briefly presented the biography of Darko Brajuskovic, emphasizing his human qualities, ability and experience in running the institutions, active participation in the work of the Governing Board of the MAM, his help in organizing international and local conferences regarding mountaineering, commitment to the preservation of nature, and what is the most important his love for the mountains and nature in general.

After the discussion on the proposal, where memebers expressed different opinions, Darko Brajuskovic was elected for the president of MAM, with 34 votes in favor, while one delegate was abstained.

The new president thanked everyone for their support and presented the proposal of the members of the Governing and Supervisory Board, which was unanimously adopted.

Memebers of Managing Board of MAM are:
1.    Darko Brajušković
2.    Luka Mitrović
3.    Sanja Todorović
4.    Vesna Bulatović
5.    Goran Barović
6.    Zoran Lazarević
7.    Enes Drešković
8.    Kenan Hrapović
9.    Fevzija Kurtagić

Members of Supervisory Board are:
1.    Radojica Dakić
2.    Mira Cerović
3.    Zdravko Vujičic

Then the new president, presented its program of work in which he said it would work for the benefit of all clubs, hikers, strengthening the capacity of the Mountaineering Association, working on the massification of mountaineering, more involvement of young, well-functioning of the Commission, continue cooperation with the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism , Directorate of Sports..



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