International Photo Award Contest 2017 THE MOUNTAINS OF MONTENEGRO

Mountaineering Association of Montenegro in accordance with the Decision of the Board of Directors No. 41-3 dated 06. 03. 2017, and related to celebration the 66 anniversary of the Association, announces award photo contest "Mountains of Montenegro"

Mountaineering Association of Montenegro is proud to celebrate 66th anniversary
&  announce
International Photo Award Contest 2017
“The Mountains of Montenegro”
We are delighted to announce the international contest “The Mountains of Montenegro” rewards photographers for the best single exposure pictures contributing to the 66th Anniversary of Mountaineering Association of Montenegro.
We call upon you all who respect and love nature to take out your cameras, and in the form of feature photography:
  • to find an amazing spot feels like mountains are rising out of the sea, lakes, canyons..
  • to unveil the secret beauty of Montenegrin mountains..
  • to find adventure and photographic exploration in spectacular wilderness..
It is your time to embrace the great outdoors and contribute to the 66th Anniversary of Montenegrin Mountaineering Association.

1.    Contest Rules
The contest is open to any interested photographer from Montenegro and abroad.
Photographer can submit up to five (5) of his/her photos.
Photographer does not pay any fee for participation on this contest.
Photographer agrees by submitting his/her photos that Mountaineering Association of Montenegro reserves the right to free reproduction and may use them for promotional and educational purposes – notification will be given to the photographer. Photos will have the opportunity of being included in the content of future exhibition, promotional activities, DVDs, publications and web site of Mountaineering Association of Montenegro.
By submitting for the contest, entrants represent and warrant that they are authors and the authenticity of photos.
If the Jury will find out, during announcement of winners or after, that the works were not original, i.e. that entrant who sent them was not their creator, Mountaineering Association of Montenegro will initiate the award determination and make the information available to the public.
By submitting for the contest, entrants accept the terms as described in this Contest rules.
Mountaineering Association of Montenegro reserves the right of final interpretation of the
Rules of this award contest.
2.    Technical requests
Photos can be in color or black-and-white.
Resolution: 300 dpi.    Format: *.jpeg.   Size: 30x20cm.

Permissible operations are:
  • image cropping, and reasonable adjustment
  • to contrast, exposure  and brightness
  • to sharpness
  • to saturation


3.    Instruction for submitting photos
Tags, (labels) of your photo files:
photographer`s name_title of photo_number.jpeg
Barbara Davidson_Montenegrin Mountain_1.jpeg    
Marko Markovic_Crnogorska planina_1.jpeg
Photos must contain EXIF data format. (To verify this information: right-click on an image, select options File Properties → Details, if any data is in this column, then everything is fine)
Attach, please, separated or zipped photos and send to (official e-mail of Mountaineering Association of Montenegro).  It is important to check all attachments for accuracy.
It is necessary to put in the Subject of the message:
Your name and family name, Application for Award Photo Contest “Mountains of Montenegro”
It is necessary to include this text in the body of the message:
·       your name and family name
·       post address
·       contact details: mobile phone number,  e-mail address,  skype, viber, twitter,  etc
Due to the capacity of files, your photos can be sent separately or all in one email, noting that for total size of the e-mail over 10MB you may use the web site that offers an ability to send e-mails up to 2 GB.
4.    Timeline
Photo Submission Deadline:  On or Before  Midnight  of  May 14th, 2017
(Time Zone, CET Central European Time UTC/GMT +1)
Authors will be notified of acceptance via email until  Midnight of May 14th, 2017
Selection: May 15th – 20th , 2017
Winners & results announced: May 22th, 2017
Award Ceremony & Exhibition “Mountains of Montenegro”: June 1st , 2017 at 20h
Place: Cultural Centre in Kolašin, Montenegro
5.    Jury
The jury decision and selection will be based on the quality and originality of submitted photos.
Jury members cannot enter the contest in the year they are judging.
The jury reserves the right to not to award a prize if submitted photos do not reach standard (the quality, technical criteria – composition, contrast, sharpness) or fail to cover the topic specified.
Judging the International Photo Award Contest 2017: “The Mountains of Montenegro” will be done by:
  • Branislav Strugar, Art Photographer, member of the Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia (ULUPUDS),  Master Photographer  FSS
  • Relja Eraković, Cinema and TV cameraman, University of Montenegro – Faculty of Drama - Cetinje
  • Saša Popović, Photographer, Board of Directors’ member of Mountaineering Association of Montenegro
The jury's decision is final.

6.    Awards
1st   of   300,00Eur
2nd  of   200,00Eur
3rd   of   100,00Eur
 7. Jury Results & Award Announcement
The results will be published on  May 22nd, 2017.  at (official web site of Montenegrin Mountaineering Association).
The prize-winners and finalists selected for exhibition will be notified exclusively via e-mail.

8. Exhibition and Award Ceremony
Jury will make an extra selection of photos (up to 20 of all submitted photos) depending on their quality, and will propose their exhibiting during Montenegrin Mountain Festival in June 1st – 4th, 2017 in Kolašin.
9. Contact Information
Mountaineering Association of Montenegro
Tel: +382 20 622 220


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